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The best way to move our country forward is by casting your vote!

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Election Workers are vital to the electoral process! If you are interested in serving as an Election Worker on Election Day, please register for an orientation or call the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections office at 407.742.6000!




Vote Osceola!Osceola County Supervisor of Elections Information:

Register to vote! ☑Voter Registration – Osceola County:
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These two resources are great for first time voters, specially college students:

The first one––called College Voter Prep Guide––takes first-time voters through how to register, the rules, and what to expect at the polls. I love that it highlights how their vote matters, and encourages them to use it:

The second provides a step-by-step breakdown to help new voters navigate the election process, and includes information about different political parties, different types of elections, and also has a helpful expert FAQs section: