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This page will track several bills and petitions at the city, county, state, and federal level which you can take concrete action to help support or stop. Check back weekly for updates. This list does not constitute endorsement for or against any issue or bill by the Osceola County Democratic Party.

Last update: Thursday, August 24, 2017




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  • Petition to Change Meeting Time: The commission meetings are held most times at 1:30pm and sometimes at 6:30pm. We think this excludes most working people from participating in their county government. Please print this petition, sign it and get all your family and friends that live in Osceola to sign it, then bring it to the next DEC meeting. Jeff Rivera is the point of contact for this petition.
  • Join the committee on homelessness: Commissioner Choudhry has asked for citizen volunteers for a county board to review the homeless situation. If you wish to join, contact Commissioner Choudhry at



  • Voting Rights Restoration Petition: Once a felon serves their time, their voting rights are not automatically restored. They have to go before the Governor, and rarely do they ever get their voting rights restored. Samantha Bee made a great video on this. Please print this petition, and copies for your friends and family in Florida, and return to the address on the bottom right of the petition. Also check out their website.



  • HB676 Medicare For All: Currently in Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs. Our Congressman Darren Soto is a co-sponsor, and he is a member of the subcommittee that is currently evaluating the bill. Call him to thank for cosponsoring and ask him to pass it in committee: 407-452-1171. Also Congresswoman for Puerto Rico At Large Jenniffer González-Colón is also in the subcommittee. Call to ask her to pass it in committee: 202-225-2615.
  • $15/hr Minimum Wage Senate Bill: This bill will be introduced soon, so it does not have a bill number yet. So far our Democratic Senator Bill Nelson has not cosponsored, and neither has Republican Senator Marco Rubio. Call them both to ask to cosponsor: Nelson 407-872-7161 Rubio 407-254-2573.